2'nd Annual Charity Spey Casting Clinic IS A GO!!!

Dates for the Second Annual Charity Spey Casting Clinic will be March 22 and 23- 2003. As was the case last year all net proceeds will be distributed to organizations who have ongoing youth oriented fishing programs. As your checks to sign up for the clinic will be 'addressed' as above, 95% probability you can zip off your income tax. A good thing as you'll have a cancelled check to prove it, and I have all the records to confirm funds went to 503C charity groups.

Again, this year Dr. Way Yin and Mr. Steve Choate will be our instructors (and they do it for free!, we just pay their expenses to get down here). Max class size will be 10 students for the two days; idea being you've got the undivided attention of two, of the three, worlds best spey casters with all the time you need for personal instruction. As an "Added Attraction," Bob Meiser of Meiser Spey Rods (he's a Forum Sponsor) here in the Ashland/Medford area, will be on the team facilitating the Clinic.

This will be the first time a large number of Forum members will have a chance to try the BEAUTIFUL!!! rods that come out of his company. Custom made blanks to his specifications: and you've all seen the posts from folks who own his rods .... Ya Baby!!!!!

As with last year, the registration fee will cover your Continental Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, lunches, and The Party (even Joan's looking forward to doing that again ) on Saturday night. Joan and I will be providing good wine again for this years dinner.

You will be video taped during the day(s) and the video's reviewed at The Party (s******ing is allowed ... until we get to your part of the film). As was the case last year, Joan and I will be opening our home to folks who want to stay with us to cut their expenses (ya, it is important to a lot us us).

Price this year for the two days, meals (and lodging-even if it turns out to be a sleeping bag) will be $300 per student. A slight increase over last years, but I'd love to increase the amount of the donations that come out of the Clinic. The slight increase ($25.00 per day) will get close to doubling the net donations. And on that note: all donations are CLEARLY MARKED as coming from the members of the Worldwide Flyfishing Forum Board. Credit where credit is due.

Another fun thing about the Charity Spey Clinic (if last year was any example), this is also a 'mini-clave' and you'll have different rods, lines, etc., out the ying-yang to try. And I really mean try ... before you buy. Last year matching the different rods up with the new XLT lines (first time they were given major public exposure) was a gas.

In 2002 we had 'skill levels' that ran from darned good, to one fellow who had never held a Spey rod in his hands before Saturday morning. So if you want to learn from the very best of the best ... this is your shot. Again, the class size is limited to 10 students to assure you get ALL the 'one-on-one' time you want/need with Way and Steve.

For registration contact me at Frederick_Evans@KeyBank.com or FredAEvans@ashlandoregon.org.

I'll need your name, address, e mail address and telephone number(s).
For: Joan, Nate, Dave, Bob, Steve and Way:

Looking forward to seeing you in March.

AND I forgot to add: During 'class' we're "hookless;" but as these dates fall smack in the middle of our winter steelhead season fishing 'before and after' class is to be encouraged. Two-three day 'out of state' licences are dirt cheap so .......