High Priority Legislative Action Alert

Senate Bills 5129 and 5179 both address the problems that have occurred since passage of I-713. They are scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Parks, Fish & Wildlife committee next Tuesday at 1:30 PM. As soon as the animal rights networks in the state (NARN, PAWS, HSUS, Action for Animals, etc.) learn today that these bills will be up for public hearing they will crank up their networks in a hurry. We only have a few hours head start on them and we need to take advantage of the opportunity.

If you or your organization plans to attend the hearing to observe or testify you will need to arrive early to ensure that you get a seat and that you get signed up on the committee attendance sheet. You can sign the sheets supporting the bills and choose not to testify. The AR's turned out over 200 people last year. We turned out about 175. See you Tuesday if you get to the hearing.

The members of this committee (Email addresses listed below) need to hear from the public that they are in favor of these bills, especially in light of the fact that Washington State voters were duped into voting for a flawed and misrepresented I713 and these
same voters need relief from the problems it has caused. Legislation that repeals only mole and gopher trapping is not enough.


Politely request that the committee take action to move one or both bills out of committee in a form that solves the many serious problems that have resulted from passage of I-713.


1. It is appropriate to address all of the committee members in one Email; Chairman Oke and Senators Sheahan, Doumit, Esser, Jacobsen, Morton, Spanel and Swecker.

2. Be sure to include your name, address, phone #, and Email address.

3. Don't forget to contact your family and other friends and if you are a member of an organization, forward this to the other members of your group ASAP.

4. As is always the case during the legislative session, delay of a day or two can make the difference between success or failure. In short, the hearing is this coming Tuesday and these legislators need to hear from you today.

Email Addresses

Senator Bob Oke oke_bo@leg.wa.gov
Senator Larry Sheahan sheahan_la@leg.wa.gov
Senator Mark Doumit doumit_ma@leg.wa.gov
Senator Luke esser_lu@leg.wa.gov
Senator Ken Jacobsen jacobsen_ke@leg.wa.gov
Senator Bob Morton morton_bo@leg.wa.gov
Senator Harriet Spanel spanel_ha@leg.wa.gov
Senator Dan Swecker swecker_da@leg.wa.gov

Thanks for your continued support.