I cannot remember ever eating a pink salmon, until Friday last week.

One of my buddies' took me out and we caught a bunch of them. They were nice bright fish, and the flesh was a little soft, but with a decent color.

I BBQ'd 1.5 of them for a party the same day we caught them. Everyone loved it. I marinated them in oil with salt/pepper in it to firm up the meat. Then seared meat down, and flipped for a couple minutes. It was not as good as King or Coho, but it was certainly not terrible.

I smoked the rest yesterday, I like the thin fillets, makes them easy to smoke in 4 hours on an August evening. They dry out fast so pull out on time. I just did sea salt and brown sugar dry brine for about 3 hours, then left in fridge to tack up overnight. These are also pretty good, the meat texture is not as perfect as coho, but flavor and moistness is fine.

Like Stam, I have a kid trip on my mind. I think my kids would love to fish for them, they are really aggressive fish.
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