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#929393 - 05/07/15 06:37 PM Sous Vide?
NickD90 Offline
Shooting Instructor for hire

Registered: 10/26/10
Posts: 4688
Loc: Snohomish, WA
Thoughts? Experiences? Machine recommendations?

I'm always striving to make the best possible steak known to man. Supposedly, this method creates that steak. Its supposed to be way easier as well. User experience feedback welcomed. Gracias.
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#929431 - 05/08/15 07:52 AM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
Us and Them Offline
Repeat Spawner

Registered: 10/20/10
Posts: 1279
Loc: Seattle
My Mil has one . It does give you the perfect med rare steak . However I prefer the smells etc while cooking , this goes away with this method. It's smelled and silent. I also like caramelization of the fats etc. that goes away as well. Secondly lots of chemicals in the plastics are released with the heat. If you were going to cook something in a sauce it works real well. I did shrimp curry that was world class. Neat idea but not something I will buy. I think it works better in a commercial kitchen not a home kitchen. Find someone who has a set up and try it before you buy.
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#929441 - 05/08/15 08:44 AM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]

Talk to AP Kaiser d. about this.

#929688 - 05/11/15 09:39 AM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
AP a.k.a. Kaiser D Offline

Registered: 01/31/02
Posts: 4531
Loc: B'ham
I bought an Anova sous vide cooker after contemplating various options. The Anova can be used in almost any large pot or tub. It clamps on to the lip of the pot/tub.

If you've researched models, you'll notice that there are several ways to go. There are the Sous Vide Supreme type of models that have everything in one complete package. They seems like great, complete packages with the downsides being cost and the space required to store the thing. Then there are completely modular parts that can be hooked together. For example, a separate heating element, circulator, and thermometer. A large part of the cost is the temperature regulation. The goal is to stick a temperature and then have the technology keep it there without large fluctuation.

As far as results, I'd say that it is a GREAT way to cook steaks. You still need a red hot cast iron pan or a torch to brown the meat after the sous vide process but that is easy. Results with chicken and fish have been less impressive but still great. One of the huge benefits sous vide gives is the flexibility with time. It is much more difficult to overcook something because you simply hold the temp and meat just won't "cook" more (a slight generalization but accurate enough). I suspect this is why so many restaurants are using the technique. It makes execution easier and faster when a place can have steaks that are ready to go all night and simply need a sear to brown them. I'd really like to hear other PP'ers experiences and recipes.

#931816 - 06/10/15 01:05 PM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
NickD90 Offline
Shooting Instructor for hire

Registered: 10/26/10
Posts: 4688
Loc: Snohomish, WA
Thanks AP- that's a good break down and solid advice. Much appreciated.
“If the military were fighting for our freedom, they would be storming Capitol Hill”. – FleaFlickr02

#975743 - 03/30/17 03:31 PM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
KillerBeee Offline
Juvenile at Sea

Registered: 05/22/05
Posts: 238
Loc: Tacoma, Wa
I've done some truly excellent roasts of venison with the sous vide cooker. Perfect rare and just right for sandwich meat as well as roast beast.....
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#975876 - 04/03/17 01:09 PM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
Dogfish Offline
Poodle Smolt

Registered: 05/03/01
Posts: 10978
Loc: McCleary, WA
Been on my list for a while. Also looking at the Anova.
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#985986 - 02/23/18 05:55 PM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
Evo Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/29/14
Posts: 4156
Bought one today... Probably will use one tomorrow...

#986006 - 02/24/18 08:38 AM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: Evo]

Originally Posted By: Evo
Bought one today... Probably will use one tomorrow...

What type of circulator did you get?

#986007 - 02/24/18 09:49 AM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
Evo Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/29/14
Posts: 4156
i bought the Chefman one from Best Buy, cheap entry level one... was 90 dollars with a 2 year replacement warranty...

the reason i went that route, is that i read reviews for basically every one of the "pod" style ones, and there is problems with every single one of them, including the Annova... not saying everyone has had problems, but theres enough for me to do it this way....

some people responses on the Annova were that moisture would get into the head unit and cause it to malfunction, Annova suggests you "put it in a bag of rice for 24 hours", which is pretty stupid to me, the WiFi one, i guess has problems connecting to 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ dual band routers, which nearly all routers nowadays run dual band, unless your router is 30 years old... the Bluetooth one i guess after the update they sent out, requires you to log in with your FB account... sorry but i dont need FB knowing when im cooking food....

theres problems with the Chefman too according to reviews, which is why i got the 2 year replacement from Best Buy, if it breaks, they replace it... period...

so well see, maybe ill get lucky like some and it will last for 2 years.... i plan on using it alot.... should be fun...

#986019 - 02/24/18 07:36 PM Re: Sous Vide? [Re: NickD90]
Evo Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/29/14
Posts: 4156
Impressive... Worked great, ribeye was excellent..



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