Having some fun doing a little make over on a Ruger 10/22 (non breakdown) Tactical.

Would love to see what any of you have done to your 10/22's.

Start of the Project:

Factory OEM Ruger 10/22 Tactical model.


Step 1: Tore it down to every last part, including the removal of the barrel from the upper receiver.

Step 2. Replaced the OEM stock with a new Mag Pull Hunter X-22 stock.


Step 3. Replaced the barrel buffer with a new Kidd Innovative Design rubber buffer.

Step 4. Replaced the OEM bolt, charging handle, guide rod and spring with a new Kidd Innovative Design scalloped black bolt and new black bolt handle.

Step 5. Replaced the OEM threaded 16" tactical barrel with a new Kidd Innovated Design 20" black sand blasted fluted threaded bull barrel. Also replaced the OEM barrel V block with a Kidd V block.

Step 6. Removed the top OEM rail on the upper receiver and replaced it with a pair of Talley low profile 1" rings.

Step 7. Added on a Primary Arms PA6x32-22LR ACSS Reticle scope.

Step 8. Added a #10-32x3/8 swivel stud to the forearm of the new X-22 stock. Attached a Harris folding bipod to stock.

Photos to be added when all of the parts have arrived and are assembled.

Step 9. Assemble, shoot, zero, etc.

Step 10. Future Step - replace the modular trigger with either a Timney trigger or a Kidd Innovate Design Trigger. Haven't figured that one out yet.