I don't think a particuliar pattern works better over another one. I think the color and size are more important. By nature, Dogs will hit the smaller krill or shrimp-like patterns first.

Chums can be finicky other days, they hit anything. Some days they like chartreuse, other days, cerise or ???. Some days a large pattern over a small one. If you are tying flies, usually the simpler the better. Try adding combinations of two or three colors... Chances are Dogs will go for the brighter flourescent colors before the dark ones... just never know.

If you need to buy your patterns.... try:
Chum Candy, Egg Sucking Leeches, Dean River Lanterns, Popsicle... or just about any bright Steelie pattern..

"If you are not scratchin bottom, you ain't fishing deep enough!" -DR

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