I purchased a rifle from Wades on Jan 16 and still havenít heard piss from them. Iíve called a few times and they said they would check and get back to me they never do. Now theyíre too busy dealing with walk in dipshits to pick up the phone. It now been 45 business days and counting.

Whatís the law? I thought after 30 days you cleared by default but am probably wrong about that. Should I call the local Sheriffs office.

I could go to Wades and stand in line with the dipshits but Iím afraid thatís a waste of time and theyíll just say ďnope havenít heard back.Ē

Do I have any course of action to help expedite this or am I stuck in paperwork hell?

Stupid thing is I got my CPL in about a week from Sno County six months ago so Iím sort of confused.

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