Looking at past escapement, neither the tribes nor the recs could harvest all the excess. This never appeared to be a problem. The main constraint appeared to be the impacts on wild fish. With the beach seines, they feel they can avoid this constraint by easily releasing any wild fish.

From what I can tell, the state drew the names of 6 previous holders of permits to be allowed to conduct this fishery. The cost of a permit for an emerging fishery is $$440, otherwise it likely would fall under their existing permits. They now are allocated up to 10,000 fish. This could very potentially allow them up to $150,000 each, depending of the condition and quality of the fish. In addition, if I am reading it right, they are going to allow them to scoop up the excess chum at Hoodsport.
I understand the logic, but suddenly with a pen, they are allocating a new fishery to a few guys and and giving them access to thousands of dollars. Under this type of thinking, I could see it move to other areas, and basically wiping out some terminal recreational fisheries. And so, the problem of solving non-selective fisheries (to the recreational fisher) can be seen.