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Looking at past escapement, neither the tribes nor the recs could harvest all the excess. This never appeared to be a problem. The main constraint appeared to be the impacts on wild fish. With the beach seines, they feel they can avoid this constraint by easily releasing any wild fish..

Just a bit of a different perspective. I believe the last year the entire Skok was open to recreational fishing (2015/2016 pamphlet) the daily limit of hatchery Chinook was two (2) and in MA 12 was four (4) south of Ayock Point. This year's pamphlet reflects the Skok closure and the same four (4) fish limit south of Ayock Point with the added note that anglers may fish with two poles with the Two-Pole endorsement.

So what has changed for recs? Loss of the river fishery off-set by the "opportunity" to purchase a two pole endorsement. What a deal! (NOT!!)

So how about no daily limit and unlimited rods w/o an endorseemnt fee south of Ayock Point if the goal is to remove hatchery fish before they hit the river?

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