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Tell us more about you, GoPro hero. Forget Swanny. Far as I'm concerned he was just an outlaw guide killing unclipped fish. We have all done it. I remember years ago Sol justifying killing wild steelhead and nobody said [Bleeeeep!] because PP is one of the most homoerotic fishing boards in NW history. I dont fish much anymore, but I'd go down the road and cast plugs for coho every night for a while. They don't bite much where I'm from. If it has a fin and I was tired of trying I killed it. Then again, I wasn't a guide side drifting 7 ft leaders with 11 fellars in the boat. Where I fish I keep it if it looks tasty. Come find me.

Bro theres no need to keep the ones with fins! Lots of hatchery fish around! You ever fish the Cowlitz? Their killin em down there right now bro. If you ever need some extra tips check out my channel!
Go Pro? Letís Goooo!!!
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