Hey guys! Finally got a chance to do a collab with my fellow addict Flatbrim Pescador. We got to go out and get some fishing in on the river for steel and we slayed them! Thereís lots of fish around right now! He made me wear his maga gear while we fished but itís cool we got some good collab video footage. When we got to the spot on the river seabeckraised talked about there was 5 guys there already who told us the spot is too crowded so we went below them and started to cast. They got mad at first because I hooked a fish and they didnt but then we all took turns casting in order on the gravel bar and we all got to fish the spot together with no problems! Seabeckraised you should come with us next time and see how good it works. I got this 10 pound chromer on a ez bead and the new addicted steelhead worms. You guys should check them out. I think they go on sale during the merch drop on July 10! They slay the steel! I also caught this weird looking fish I never seen before. Iím going to slap this puppy on the grill next to the steelhead for a side by side taste compare! Check out my channel for the cooking tutorial and fish catching action and make sure to hit the subscribe button!

Go Pro? Letís Goooo!!!
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