FFF: I havent fished for a week, but I mostly fish the carbon/ puyallup / green rivers. I dont really know many places to fish but some people have been nice enough to take me a few places. Most people keep their Steelhead fishing spots under rapps so its hard for a 2nd year fisherman to find them on their own. Im very greatfull for the people that have helped me so far along the way. I will continue to fish the green, but I hear its not that great of a river anymore for steel. I dont know yet when the season starts nor ends for that matter yet, but im beginning to learn. Im hoping to meet a few more people and go fishing with them when they are going to be fishing some of the more popular spots... "this way they dont have to give up secret spots" I can find those on my own hopefully in time. Im not giving up yet, trust me on that one. I just dont like to fish alone, and all of my friends that fish are fair weathered fisherman. They stop after about september.
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