Grey Diggers, Stump rats or what ever you want to call them. They are fun to hunt. I hunt them from the first warm days of spring through the summer. I target them in pretty much the same ares I hunt black tails. And I use pretty much the same technique for both. Pull up on a likely looking clear cut and start glassing.

On a good day you can get off 20 or so shots. I only shoot about 1/3 of what I see. Most of them get away by time I get ready to shoot. First I spot them, Then range them, Find a good shooting position, Put in ear plugs, recheck range, Adjust turrets then shoot.

When I do get a shot I rarely miss. It is great practice for long range shooting too. I rarely shoot at them if they are closer than 100 yards.

Hunting diggers is also a good way to scout for deer. Last year while digger hunting I found quite a few decent bucks. As you all know black tails stay in the same general area year round.

The rifle I use for digger hunting is the same rifle I use for long shots on deer. It is a Rem model 700 VS in .243 Ackley improved. Early in the year I use my varmint loads on them. As deer season approaches I switch over to my hunting loads. This way I have a ton of confidence in my rifle and shooting ability. A digger is way smaller than the vital area of a deer. If I can whack a digger out at 400 yards, I Know I will have no problem dumping a deer at that range.

A couple pics

First one this year. 175 yards. Just nicked it in the neck.

132 yard head shot!

My buddy with a 75 yard AR kill, Hand loaded 55 grain V-max's do a number on them.

227 yard kill. 85 grain Sierra HPBT Game King out of the Ackley.

It looks like it may be a good weekend to get after them.