... that I could possibly borrow?

I've tied up a pile of these:

and have decided that this will be the summer when I finally attempt albacore on a fly rod.

*I treat my gear well, and borrowed gear even better.
*I would be happy to draft up any sort of 'contract' and pay a deposit for use of a rod.
*I will pay/reimburse all shipping.
*Rod DOES NOT have to be of great quality. (I'd rather is wasn't)
*I'd prefer 12wt +, yes, I know albies can be had on a 10, but if I fiddle fart around with lighter gear and impact the rest of my gear wielding crew's fishing time/ability to stay on active fish, they are likely to leave me on a chunk of floating tsunami debris.
*I have a reel.

I really hate asking to borrow anything, but seeing as how this is likely to be a very infrequent pursuit, I'm not in a position to invest in a rod of my own at the moment.

End of July-August will be the likely timeframe. Weather windows change quickly, so I can't exactly narrow down a specific range of 'usage' dates.

Thanks much!
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