Hi----I'm Terry Roth, from Maury Island, retired from 30 year's service at the Seattle VA. Have been in the PNW since 1981, live on Maury Island, and fish out of a 15ft Arima named "Serenissima", as well as a Hobie Adventure kayak.
I love to fish the Strait, will be taking my Hobie up to Freshwater Bay this week, I used to fish Clallam Bay back in the 1990's when Silver King was in operation. Have been tying flies since the 1970's, but have not caught a 20# steehead----yet!!! Loved to fish for little brookies back in Michigan , my growing upo state, fished the Au Sable and the Manistee rivers, and fished for "specks" in the GAspe Peninsula in Quebec, back in the 1960's.

I've been on the NWKA (NW Kayak Anglers) website for years as well as Captain Downriggin's site. Just found this site, looks to be a good one!

Tight lines to you all----hope to see you on the Sound

Ter, AKA Kallitype

then (1953)

now (2011)

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