This'll be my first year trying to target salmon on the fly. I've done some bass fishing years ago with a pre rigged rod I had bought. I know the basic overhand cast and nothing else. I really wanna target Chinook this season and the river I plan to fish has a typical sized fish in the mid teens to low twenties with a good shot at fish over 30lb.

I've already got my rod it's a 9wt 9'6" Fenwick hmg and I'm waiting on my reel to be delivered, it's an okuma integrity. Now I'm hunting for a good line to use but there's so much of the terminology I just don't understand. Most of the water I'll be fishing is in tidally influenced sections of the rivers with a fairly slow current speed and about 6ft depth. I plan to fish intruder style flies with a strip pause retrieve because I've had some success twitching Marabou jigs there in the past but conventional gear is tough to fish because of the lack of depth.

I could really use some advice or suggestions on which line or what I should​ be looking for in a line for these conditions. My budget for a line is about $50 mainly because I don't wanna get too deep into my fly rig and find out it's not something I enjoy to be honest. Any help would be much appreciated.
Beware of the 3 inch Perch