I put this post on the general board and got some great posts from CWUGirl, Zen, Reiter and Sparkey and just thought I 'd post on this board to see if any Bug Tossers over here didn't see it on the main board.

I make an annual trip up to Hi-Hium Lake , B.C. up between Cache Creek and Kamloops. Was wondering if anybody on this board has ever fished this lake (or for Kamloops Rainbow) and would like to share some of their more productive patterns that they used up there and where on the lake they fished them. We generally use 3 patterns during the day, a Blood Worm pattern and a Nelmark Nymph ( Carey Special variation) in Red and Black; later in the evening when we go to dries we pretty much stick with an Elk Hair Caddis.

Thanks in advance for any inputs.
M Go Blue!