King Trailer went out of business. I needed a few axles and hubs and now have leftovers just trying to break even. Less than half the retail cost. Parts are common to King Trailer, Venture Trailer, Pacific Trailer and a few others.

-6k galvanized torsion axles. Removeable eliminator spindles. Axles are bare. Spindles are roughly $120 for both sides. Hubs, I have are $200. Disc brake kits are roughly $350. Selling axles for $350. So if you needed a complete axle it'd be around $1k. Normal would be well over $2k. I can give you all the part numbers needed and I would even assemble it for a little extra beer money.

-5 lug galvanized vortex hubs. Look them up, they're the best hubs on the market. $80

-5 lug E coat vortex hubs. P/N 81017. Same as above except not galvanzied. $60.

-Tie Down Engineering Plastic fenders. They are single axle, but for tandems or triples you just trim them and butt back to back. $30
Team Haters