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#143317 - 03/06/02 10:11 AM Re: What pays the bills?
Bigdog2250 Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 03/31/00
Posts: 216
Loc: Stanwood,Wa
Isn't a Croupier the same as a Folicle Artist? wink Oh no that's something else.Me thinks he handles money not cards. Where do you practice?
Gettin' old ain't for wimps!

#143319 - 03/06/02 02:40 PM Re: What pays the bills?
Juvenile at Sea

Registered: 03/28/00
Posts: 230
Loc: Renton,WA
My day job is a systems/software admin. now I also work for a large airplane maker in the Renton area, prior to this I worked as a consultant for a company called Baan from Holland. In my spare time I'm a sales rep for a lodge in SE AK. I also have guided off and on over the last 16 years.

#143320 - 03/06/02 03:25 PM Re: What pays the bills?
elparquito Offline
The Chosen One

Registered: 02/09/00
Posts: 14019
Loc: Margaritaville
Oh fine, I'll play too.

I'm the Senior Computer Specialist for the University of Washington, College of Ocean & Fishery Sciences, School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences. rolleyes

I do charity work for Vision Hooks & Tackle. IE, I get to wash Joe and Justin's boat, in exchance, I get to wear a Vision Hat and be called a "Pro Staff" for Vision. wink

Someday, I hope to be able to wash Keith's sled so I can be on the "Ultimate Egg Cure Pro Staff" team and get another hat! wink

In it's hay day, I was the CEO for the Sauk River Steelhead Ranch. Due to the big flood of 2001, the Ranch was swept away and is no more. Now, it's just "Justin's Property" and is being guarded by a pack of rabbid half-breed wolf dogs...and BigFoot. wink

#143321 - 03/06/02 03:36 PM Re: What pays the bills?
Dave Jackson Offline

Registered: 04/18/01
Posts: 861
Loc: Milwaukie, OR
Hey Parker:

Ya think we'll be able to write off the Vision charity work on next years taxes? Always love a writeoff...
Get Bent Tackle wh&#333;re. Just added spinner section, where you can special order to your hearts content!

#143322 - 03/06/02 07:21 PM Re: What pays the bills?
navigator Offline
Juvenile at Sea

Registered: 12/17/00
Posts: 144
Loc: Sequim, WA
Soon to be retired (55 and out alive) machinist at THE large aircraft manufacturing outfit's fab plant in Auburn. Have a place in Sequim, so will be harassing those Oly Pen fish a lot more come next fall. Yee Haaa!! laugh laugh laugh I teach celestial navigation on the side, but it's not much use on the river. Besides, you can never see the stars around here. Thank goodness for GPS.

#143323 - 03/06/02 08:39 PM Re: What pays the bills?
Timber Offline

Registered: 05/27/00
Posts: 2340
Loc: Stumpy Acres
Retired laugh
If ya can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch!

#143324 - 03/06/02 10:32 PM Re: What pays the bills?
tyeeterror Offline

Registered: 11/04/99
Posts: 612
Loc: The Humboldt Nation
Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputy (california)currently a boating safety deputy.
these aint my pants

#143325 - 03/06/02 10:59 PM Re: What pays the bills?
baitchucker Offline

Registered: 01/30/02
Posts: 32
I'm an Electrican have been since 1989 one year after High School. God I hope I spelled Electrican right.

#143326 - 03/06/02 11:06 PM Re: What pays the bills?
hooknose Offline

Registered: 02/09/00
Posts: 44
Loc: Lynnwood, WA, Snohomish
Web Dev Engineer at MS.

#143327 - 03/07/02 01:29 AM Re: What pays the bills?
Steelheader69 Offline

Registered: 12/14/99
Posts: 817
Loc: Tacoma WA
I'm a small parcel delivery engineer. laugh OK OK, I work for the Big Brown (Ok George Thoroughgood, start singing). Been working At United Parcel Service for 14 years. Have alot of perks to my job, get paid to see (usually) friendly people all ddaay and be able to fish lots of private beaches in Ppierce/Kitsap Counties.

I too gave up maan whoring. Couldn't keep up with aal my she johns and satisfy my girlfriend too. LOL

Also in proces of staring up my own fly/jig tying busness and custom tackle making. Do it for friends and family noww, figured might as well get the write of to boot.
Cataraft Pro Staff
Team OkieWhore
Fly Tiers Anonymous Pro Staff

Northwest River Fisherman

#143328 - 03/07/02 02:35 AM Re: What pays the bills?
Chuckn'Duck Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 03/10/00
Posts: 356
Loc: West of Eden
Retired crabber, (AK, WA, OR). Current student working towards my masters in education at Evergreen. Couldn't think of going after a job that might pay over food stamp wages. Still trying to figure out what I'm missing by not participating in the daily protests, wearing burlap for cloathing, and continuing my capitalist, dominant social status habit of bathing on a regular basis. However, I'm considering growing dreadlocks (O.K., dreadlock. I could only muster enough hair for one matted lock) to conform to the anticonformist theme at Evergreen.
Chasing old rags 500 miles from home.

#143329 - 03/07/02 08:26 AM Re: What pays the bills?
Bigdog2250 Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 03/31/00
Posts: 216
Loc: Stanwood,Wa
Hey Navigator...Glad to see someone is passing down that craft.
Damn GPS!! The only real way to find you're position is a 12 star fix with H.O. 211. YES!!
Greetings from Northsite..
:p Bigdog out....
Gettin' old ain't for wimps!

#143330 - 03/07/02 09:34 AM Re: What pays the bills?
Dick Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 03/14/99
Posts: 173
Loc: Sequim WA
Money does go through my hands! frown Just ask my X's. Oh, my first is dead. My second one is making up for the first. Out of the two I at least ended up with my drift boat and hunting stuff but thats all. They didn't care for my steelheading. laugh
Tight Lines!!

#143331 - 03/07/02 12:02 PM Re: What pays the bills?
RiverMan Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 12/06/00
Posts: 487
Loc: oregon
When not fishing, I can be found making my living as a fisheries habitat biologist for the Umatilla Tribe. I work closely with private landowners who are voluntarily interested in doing some type of riparian/upland habitat restoration/protection on their property. The job is great although like many other jobs these days, way too political.


#143332 - 03/07/02 12:07 PM Re: What pays the bills?
Jeffhead Offline

Registered: 03/27/00
Posts: 551
Loc: Olympia, Washington
Program and Management Analyst for Public Works at Ft. Lewis (Civil Service for 28 years).
StormN, you guys make some killer snowboards!!!! Rode my Son's Emma Peel last year, awesome ridin' board. My Daughter rides a Gnu (can't remember which model) which has Bent Metal bindings.
which directorete do you work in out here???
I used to know what carriers and subs are, spent 21 years overhauling them before they closed the shipyard I used to work at, thats how I ended up in Washington.
Good luck and tight lines, Jeff laugh laugh

#143333 - 03/07/02 12:20 PM Re: What pays the bills?
rainycity Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 12/06/99
Posts: 434
Loc: Seattle
Hate to be the one to tell you this but nope,
you left out the I in between the c and the a.. wink
must be a team player. (no `I` in team ) nevermind laugh
Just in case.. electric-i-an
Teach your kids,
Ever wonder why Noah didn`t just
slap them 2 mosquitos????

#143334 - 03/07/02 02:24 PM Re: What pays the bills?
TH Offline

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 633
Loc: Coos Bay, OR
I am the father of two awesome kids and the husban to a beautiful wife... all three love to fish... thank GOD.
by day I am the Asst. Principal at a large Middle School her ein CB.
By night I do a little outdoor writing and sell a few rods.

TH Custom Rods

#143335 - 03/07/02 03:59 PM Re: What pays the bills?
Prawn Meat Offline

Registered: 12/29/99
Posts: 22
Loc: Chehalis, WA
I'm a farm equipment appraiser in Chehalis. The name of my business is Hyatt Farm Equipment Appraising Services. Educated and recently certified, I'm always looking for new clients. If you need an equipment appraisal or know someone who might, please contact me. Your cooperation will most definitely keep more fish in the rivers! My business email is Drop me a line. I'd really appreciate it. (And so would the naughty steelhead I've been battling in recent days!)

#143336 - 03/07/02 04:21 PM Re: What pays the bills?
tvhosts Offline
Juvenille at Sea

Registered: 12/25/99
Posts: 152
Loc: Everett, WA USA
Computer program for a fairly well known NW aerospace company..when I'm not producing a local TV fishing show.

#143337 - 03/07/02 04:27 PM Re: What pays the bills?
Extreme Offline

Registered: 11/23/99
Posts: 93
Loc: Ridgefield, WA.
Crystal growing supervisor for the worlds largest supplier of silicon. Largest customers being Intel & AMD. Means "SEH Inside". Love the schedule: 2 on 2 off, 4 days one week 3 days the next. Been here 18 years. Time flies.

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