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#563990 - 12/13/09 07:45 PM Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question
Never Enough Nookie Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 08/05/01
Posts: 306
Loc: Bremerton
Here's the deal, looking for a little help.

Been out several times for the late ML season. Finally found an area to myself and lots of area to cover behind locked gates. Wednesday afternoon snuck down a skid road that dropped step down on all three sides. One good sized bowl area had a doe and yearling, snuck up to the edge and got a good rest, figured about 70 yds, but I only had a butt shot at the doe, the yearling was smaller than I was ready to settle for yet. Waited for what seemed like 5 min., but was probably 30-45 seconds, she never turned and I really did not want to take a bad shot and have her wounded and run in the bottom of a deep canyon. Eventually she noticed us and they both bounded to the bottom with out getting a shot off.

Went back Saturday AM, same spot, same deer was their, but the wind was wrong and she was starting to leave when I saw here, she paused and I got a shot off at ~100 yards off hand, miss, she did not flinch, as I reloaded she slowly made her way to the bottom of the canyon. As I debated trying to follow her down the yearling who was bedded 20 yards under me made four to five leaps and covered 200 vertical feet, to the bottom as well.

I decided not to go after them and would see if possibly they would come back that night. Checked other areas throughout the day, walked a good 5-6 mile loop, saw another hunter with a small spike, but I never saw anything. Decided to hustle back to ridge. Wind was right, snuck into a stump, peered over the edge, and in the same location as the doe was this AM was the yearling. I waited till just before dark and the Doe never came in. I decided to take the shot, good rest, ~100 yds. MISS, she fed while I reloaded and even though I did not think I could get closer I tried and she left.

Sorry for the long story I've only missed once in my life before and that was as a young teen with a shot gun slug at more than likely to far a shot. So missing twice in one day has me frazzled. So as I played things out in my mind over and over, I have a ballistics drop/raise question to finally get to.

Looking back I realized the shots were a 30 to 35 degree angle down hill. I may have been holding a touch high because of the distance, but should have I been a touch low since I'm shooting downhill at such an angle? Hope to head back out on Monday and/or Tuesday, suppose depends on what weather we get.

Never Enough Nookie

#563997 - 12/13/09 08:24 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: Never Enough Nookie]
seastrike Offline
Hey Man....It's cool...

Registered: 08/18/02
Posts: 4323
Loc: seattle
I don't want to sound like an ahole...but you shot at the doe and then you didn't follow it down to see if there was any blood?
You then saw it's yearling later in the day without the mom in the same spot....
Are you now thinking what I"m thinking?

#564003 - 12/13/09 08:49 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: seastrike]
Never Enough Nookie Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 08/05/01
Posts: 306
Loc: Bremerton
Sorry, the story was long enough, I did not add that in. I did go to the spot the doe was, which is when the yearling jumped up and ran. Not to mention she stood there after my shot while I reloaded, did not flinch until I was getting the new cap placed, she went down the canyon. My buddy, not hunting, was behind me watching her with bino's. I know what you are thinking Dave, trust me I missed.

Never Enough Nookie

#564009 - 12/13/09 09:03 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: Never Enough Nookie]
Griiz Offline

Registered: 08/06/05
Posts: 29
Loc: Puget Sound Washington
If the deer was 100yds at a down hill angle than the ballistics would be less than 100yds. If you drew a line straight up (vertical) from where she was standing and straight out (horizontal) from where you were standing the point where they meet is the true ballistic range of the bullet even though it traveling 100yds from exit of barrel to the deer. If you are sighted dead on at 100yds it shouldn't be an issue hitting anything from you on out to that distance. I am more familiar with 50 cal. shooting path though. Have you spent a lot of time learning your gun at different distances? The initial smoke puff can make it hard to tell where you hit also as I'm sure you have noticed.
Good Day

#564038 - 12/13/09 10:41 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: Griiz]
wsu Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 06/23/04
Posts: 407
out to 100 your gun shouldn't have enough drop to make you miss. Should be able to aim right at it from 0 to 100.

#564143 - 12/14/09 02:01 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: Never Enough Nookie]
seastrike Offline
Hey Man....It's cool...

Registered: 08/18/02
Posts: 4323
Loc: seattle
Sorry about assuming the worst! My bad. I'm still pissed off about reading about the guy who shot his nephew with a "sound shot" into the bushes last week.

#564157 - 12/14/09 03:14 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: seastrike]
Boone Offline
Juvenile at Sea

Registered: 08/09/01
Posts: 107
Loc: Kirkland, WA
If your gun was sighted in at 4" high at 100 yards and you aimed high to start with because of the distancee you shot over that doe. Your point of aim should have been as if you were shooting ~70 yards or so with a 35 degree downhill angle. The other factors... off hand without a rest, open sights as well as was the distance really 100 yards. May have been more. I have found the laser range finders to be a big help in reducing the human factor.

#564279 - 12/14/09 09:15 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: Boone]
stlhdr42 Offline

Registered: 10/13/08
Posts: 847
Loc: where the fish swim
It all comes down to knowing your ML. What was it sighted in for? My ML is sighted dead on at 100yds, but I shoot 120 grains of powder with a 250 grain bullet, so very little drop under 100yds. A lot depends on the bullet, some guys shoot heavy bullets and 100 grains of powder and they have a lot of drop. It helps to have a buddy rangefindin for you too. I'm bad at yardage sometimes I say its 100yds the laser says its 140. That can make or break it.
Springer Fever

#564335 - 12/14/09 11:43 PM Re: Muzzle Loader/Ballistics question [Re: stlhdr42]
Never Enough Nookie Offline
Returning Adult

Registered: 08/05/01
Posts: 306
Loc: Bremerton
Thanks everybody, I went back today and had no luck, but I tried to get a better idea on range by pacing it off, still 100-110 yds. I suppose it's to late this year to ask for the range finder for Christmas, maybe the birthday in September. I'll try one more time in the AM, but I had my chances, now just trying to get my little brother into one.
As far as gun, comfortable. 130 grains powder/pellet and 295 powerbelt bullet. Dead on at 100 yds.

Dave, no problem buddy, I understand.
Never Enough Nookie


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