No, I'm not looking for a brokeback hunting experience. But am looking for a partner to archery hunt with. I havn't hunted for 2 years now and am going crazy. The washington regs have me more then puzzled. I was barely getting used to the Idaho regs after 8 years now I get to start over.

I'm pretty damm good with a cow call, can whistle a bull into a wet frothy frenzy, and have a good eye when it comes to glassing. My cooking skills are average. I don't mind cutting wood, or doing whatever camp prep needs to be done. I don't usually drink more then a couple beers at the end of the day, cause a full day of hunting is exhausting. And am already doing the aerobics.

I'll hunt by myself, but bragging about all the animals I missed ain't any fun when i'm alone.

IM if your interested.