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#982551 - 12/14/17 10:28 PM Re: 2017 Hunting Season [Re: NickD90]
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Originally Posted By: NickD90
Makers of those blades?

(L) Buck Kaala with added ivory micarta grip/red liners and Kydex necker sheath done by Dale Howe of Howe Mountain Knives. It's S30V steel with BOS heat treating. Wicked edge. The Kaala is long discontinued by Buck but you can occasionally find them on ebay. With the added grips/liners it's basically a dandy custom blade for around a C-note and a dainty drop point necker that I have used for everything but skinning, including holding it like a pencil to gingerly slice connective tissue when pulling a buck/bull's dick and bladder out of his pelvis.

(R) Bob Dozier K-19 Pro Skinner in D2 tool steel/black micarta grips. Much prefer S30V but my love gave it to me for a birthday present years ago (with a penny). Handily peels bucks and bulls and the grip shape keeps my slimy mitts solidly attached to the dull part. Really like Gene Ingram's #1 Semi Skinner but the Dozier will likely remain in my pack.

As evidenced by your links, there are a lot of gizmos in the hunting cutlery market place begging for your $$. I'll proffer that all one *really* needs is a pair similar to those above in S30V steel. Specifically, a nimble one like Ingram's Yellowjacket or Dozier's K-33 B&T for opening up and parting out bucks/bulls, grouse, trout, etc. and t'other for peeling hides. Having 2 in your pack also keeps Mother Murphy away should you lose/break one miles into a steep and deep drainage. Spend your cash once, enjoy them for all your splendid days afield and hand them down to your progeny. Savvy?

Have long preferred fixed blades to folding that get bloody for obvious reasons. I also keep a small ceramic sharpening rod in a 1/2" PVC pipe case in my pack to touch them up should I want. Both blades will easily do a complete elk without a touch up if one is smart enough to keep from running the blade on bone. I use the base of the blade for cutting tendons around joints and such to save the tip's edge. YMMV.

#982552 - 12/14/17 11:45 PM Re: 2017 Hunting Season [Re: Todd]
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Registered: 04/29/06
Posts: 1652
Loc: Offshore
Originally Posted By: Todd
In the last few years I have shot more than a couple in our preferred zone...and missed two.

Hours of encounter, in no parparticular order;

Doe: 9am
Buck: noon
Buck: noon
Buck: noon
Doe: dusk
Doe: noon
Buck: dusk
Doe: dusk

I also jumped a buck this season at daybreak, and still not sure how he busted me, the odds were in my favor and he still got me. Bad luck is a thing, too.

All three of those noon bucks, and the noon doe, were within 1/2 mile of each other on one piece of property, all the dusk animals came from another piece of property, and so far over a handful of seasons, never the twain shall meet.

Our game cams, as Nick mentioned, caught only young bucks, two points or less, during shooting hours, from early on thru the rut and right thru late season...the big mature ones flat out don't venture, period...with two notable exceptions.

First exception is a single pic of one of our familiar foes at noon, once, in the height of the rut, and he was alone.

Second exception is the biggest blacktail I have ever harvested, who never appeared on a camera during shooting hours, not once, until making a mistake on an evening as hunting hours were expiring... I was there for the mistake, and that buck expired at the same time as the hunting hours did.

So, given your timetable above, we agree that cervids are crepuscular and get up mid-dayish to stretch/browse as I noted before. Lunar phase can also result in a mid-day breakfast after an all-nighter.

As to your getting busted, any number of things could have been the cause. First year chasing mulies in the late 70's, I thought I was being quiet as a mouse when I approached a saddle and peeked over only to see half dozen does that had missile lock on me. Surprising part was that they were at least 300 yards out on the opposite ridge. Modern detergents with "whiteners and brighteners" likely make one appear like a UV Casper to deer's eyes. If it is quiet in the forest, we are clumsily the most discordant note in that symphony. Clothing sounds or simply breathing through your schnoz may make a whistle that is inaudible to you but quite apparent to a deer's auditory defenses at 40 paces....

Given BT habitat and apparent lack of interest in the academic world, there isn't much in the way of BT studies. Extrapolating ubiquitous WT data is moderately helpful. As noted before, bucks have a home territory. Obviously, it will vary in size based upon a number of factors like adjacent territories, topography, food/water sources, etc.. These territories do not correspond to our property lines. Uncharacteristic human interlopers in that territory will make a savvy buck alter its movements within that territory. Heavy hunting pressure may push a savvy buck into adjacent territories. Further, a buck's movements due to the rut cycle rises and falls like a statistical bell curve from October-December hereabouts. At its apex, a bucks stomach contents may be next to nil as his singular focus is not on sustenance. Accordingly, horned-up bucks will travel constantly *within* that territory in search of love and students of data will see that the late hunt oft results half the season's harvest....

The reason I don't use trail cams or still hunt BT's where I have a stand is that I don't want to inadvertently alter that Booner buck's territorial wanderings at all. Particularly during the rut when he's most vulnerable. As noted earlier, bucks and bulls successfully elude far more proficient predators than our bumbling brethren on a regular basis.

Perspective is everything. Give it some consideration based upon your data cited above. What would you do if all of a sudden some total stranger stunk up your AO? Would you even stick around to see if he did it again and again, particularly when your very life may depend upon your choice? How will you alter your behavior afield? Have fun on the campus of BTU!

#982560 - 12/15/17 09:27 AM Re: 2017 Hunting Season [Re: NickD90]
Todd Offline
Bumpin the 6X9's

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How do they like it if we stink up their zone?

I doubt they "like it"...but it also doesn't change the fact that in a new zone last late summer we went at a piece of woods with power equipment, cleared some trails, built a couple of trails, dropped a few trees, and raised a stand, and installed a new cam, all in one day...and four hours later we had shiny new pics of deer walking on our new trails and gallivanting around all night, including big mature bucks...and then everyone but the big mature bucks showing up there during the day.

That piece of land is the one where we took exactly one pic of a mature buck during shooting hours from July thru December, no day time walks for any if them.

Fish on...


#982635 - 12/18/17 03:45 PM Re: 2017 Hunting Season [Re: NickD90]
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River Nutrients

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Victoronix hunter.
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#982650 - 12/18/17 09:50 PM Re: 2017 Hunting Season [Re: NickD90]
NickD90 Offline
Shooting Instructor for hire

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That's the one! Flippin' sweet gut knife.

I just bought the Outdoor Edge version. Heavy fixed blade + sheath for $14 bucks on Amazon. Not bad for a specialized tool that will only be used a couple of times a year (hopefully). It would make for a great mushroom knife. Nice inside cutting angle and a blunt tip in case you trip and stumble. Hunter orange handle stands out on the ground.

We'll see how well it works next year. Or during spring Morel season. thumbs

Edited by NickD90 (12/18/17 09:51 PM)
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