I'm having a debate with a buddy of mine about the viability of Chambers creek stock in various basins and I remember a thread there recently that discussed this topic. Can't find it to save my life.

He wants to dump MORE MORE MORE turds in all the basins and I'm trying to remember the details that a few of the board bio's discussed.

I would very much like to restart that discussion. I learn so much from you guys. 90 percent of you guys are very smart. The other 10 are idiots. I just skip them............. ( not everyone with a laptop should be allowed in public )

One specific point my friend made was that the state bio's want to keep planting them in all the Puget Sound rivers but the state won't let them. Of course that little thing about a lawsuit is slowing that down.


The returns sucked anyway, so why are the Chambers fish so inept?