Didn't want to hijack the "October" thread, so here's a story that was passed down to me last spring by the gent who purchased my Watermaster kodiak.

Three guys were fishing (I seem to recall) the upper Dean in BC for summer steelhead, two old hands & one fellow learning the ropes. The older 2 were coaching the new guy into his 1st big steelie on a dry.

They were working down a nice run & found a player, 1st serious pass the fish came to the fly & the rookie yanked it away on an attempted hook set, 2nd pass fish still interested, same result. Now the older gents spoke up........... "do that same cast again, then pin the fly line to the cork with your hand, turn your head away & when you feel the rod really load up release the line turn back to the river & join the fight."

I enjoyed that, as I could see myself in the rookies place & doing the same thing.

Apocalypse Steelheader.
Chucking gear as the end draws near.