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Ol' Pootie-Poot is a sharp cookie and flat out controls Trump and America.

Wouldn't suprise me at all if he manges to control our next election to some degree. He's already got control of POTUS.

Yeah, cuz deep down inside Pootie-Poot really, really wanted Donny Two Scoops to sell arms to the Ukraine and missile defense systems to Poland and the Czech Republic. He absolutely hated it when Preznint Jugears put a halt to those sales.

He liked it too when Donny coerced the EU to spend more of their money on their own defense. Loved it in fact.

He figgered he'd give them a fighting chance if he ever planned to invade them.

Hamster the retard will believe anything. It's because he never learned how to think.

You can tell from his inability to do simple math.

Plus, Hamster is a huge pussy like Trump is, so watching our president bow like a bitch to Putin doesn't bother him at all.
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