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C'mon man.
Pootie will decide who wins.

Ol' Pootie-Poot is a sharp cookie and flat out controls Trump and America.

With Mueller having free reign to look into Trumpís background for crimes for close to two years--- canít find anything--- then the narrative that the Russians have something over Trump is laughable.

What the Russians do have control of is 1/5 of the US enriched uranium from the previous administration. eek2 Thatís a fact.

You fuckin goat. Nobody has seen the report and you're already proclaiming Trump innocent.

Just proves what a boot licking ballwasher you are.

Trump has already been exposed as s huge pussy, a liar, a failure at business, and a scumbag who porks porn stars while his wife is at home with the new baby.

What a pile of sh!t.

Not him - you - for being a sycophant for a worm like him.
She was standin' alone over by the juke box, like she'd something to sell.
I said "baby, what's the goin' price?" She told me to go to hell.

Bon Scott - Shot Down in Flames