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C'mon man.
Pootie will decide who wins.

Ol' Pootie-Poot is a sharp cookie and flat out controls Trump and America.

With Mueller having free reign to look into Trumpís background for crimes for close to two years--- canít find anything--- then the narrative that the Russians have something over Trump is laughable.

What the Russians do have control of is 1/5 of the US enriched uranium from the previous administration. eek2 Thatís a fact.

You fuckin goat. Nobody has seen the report and you're already proclaiming Trump innocent.

Just proves what a boot licking ballwasher you are.

Trump has already been exposed as s huge pussy, a liar, a failure at business, and a scumbag who porks porn stars while his wife is at home with the new baby.

What a pile of sh!t.

Not him - you - for being a sycophant for a worm like him.

#2--- my prediction is the uranium your treasonous heroes sold to the Russians will be eventually used against The US and their allies.
The world will not be destroyed by those that are evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.- Albert Einstein

No you canít have my rights---Iím still using them