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#969928 - 12/17/16 08:36 AM Swinging Flys w/ No Hook?
RUNnGUN Offline

Registered: 12/06/07
Posts: 807
Had idea, it might be stupid? But looking for the legality of fishing w/out hooks on some of my intruder patterns on closed waters. Was thinking of spending some time skill honing on my local river this coming late winter when some nice nate Steelhead used to be around. I say used to, because it hasn't been open to fish for years. So, if I were to swing some hookless flys to practice on my closed local river would I get a ticket? I am thinking I still could get a tug, but w/o hooking up, at the same time build confidence that i'm doing things right. I've only been swinging flys for Steelhead for 6 years, caught a couple, but still have lots to learn.
I became hooked Spey swinging in 2010, on a trip to the legendary Dean R. BC. A friend couldn't make it and asked me to take his spot. What a place to go to swing for the very 1st time. Multiple hookups every day. Spoils you quick, but inspired me to do it here.
I know it sounds crazy, but driving to the coast every time to make a few casts is crazy also and I need the practice, casting, playing around w/ tips, reading productive water, and also scouting for the day it may reopen. Thoughts?
"After fishing for Steelhead for over 40 years, Steelheading as I know it is gone in PS!"

#969933 - 12/17/16 10:55 AM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
NickD90 Offline
Shooting Instructor for hire

Registered: 10/26/10
Posts: 4043
Loc: Snohomish, WA
I've thought about this before for lure testing, tuning and design and I wouldn't do it. If you do, you better not have ANY hooks on your person or within access (like in your vehicle). Expect to be fully searched, harrassed and given a stern talking to. I'd also expect to get a ticket and go to court. If I where you, I'd go down to the local WDFW office, talk with an Officer and get it in writing. Basically....hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Good luck,
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#969935 - 12/17/16 11:01 AM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]

Pretty sure people teach Fly casting on closed PS streams.

#969940 - 12/17/16 02:28 PM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
NickD90 Offline
Shooting Instructor for hire

Registered: 10/26/10
Posts: 4043
Loc: Snohomish, WA
Yarn yes...amputated flies...questionable? But I don't offically know - just cautioning.
“If the military were fighting for our freedom, they would be storming Capitol Hill”. – FleaFlickr02

#969943 - 12/17/16 04:35 PM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
Carcassman Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 11/21/07
Posts: 4950
Loc: Olema,California,Planet Earth
A real stickler might get you for harassing fish, especially listed fish. If the fish strikes it wa responding to the fly, even a hookless one. You might be able to talk the Judge out of it but it could be a lot like DWB; you'll get stopped and thoroughly searched.

Like Nick said, go talk to the local enforcement guys. It may work if you get their ok and let them know when and where you'll be,

I do know that one time we were fishing for the agency and had some agents out looking for us... Communication and transparency are good things.

#969946 - 12/17/16 07:01 PM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
Bantam Offline
Skytucky Redneck

Registered: 03/17/07
Posts: 1420
I would highly not recommend casting a hook less fly on closed waters, most wardens would frown upon this. If you were to cast a fly in this situation I'd make sure it was a undesirable presentation to the river bound fish at the time. I attend some of the clinics and end of the months meet and greets on the Sky when I have nothing else going on and 95% of the people who attend use yarn and for the guys just learning with Skagit heads we'll double the yarn up for them
Steelhead fishing as I know it is GONE.....

#969948 - 12/17/16 07:07 PM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
SRoffe Offline

Registered: 03/02/08
Posts: 794
Couldn't you just ask those that would give you a ticket what they would do before you do it? It's a phone call away.

#969951 - 12/17/16 09:39 PM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
ColeyG Offline
Ranger Danger

Registered: 02/08/07
Posts: 3083
Loc: AK
Call the ticket toters and get their opinion. If you are cited it will get tossed out of court in fairly short order, but taking it that far is more grief than you want to deal with.
I am still not a cop.

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#969956 - 12/18/16 07:48 AM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
Jerry Garcia Offline

Registered: 10/13/00
Posts: 9159
Loc: everett
If you are in a visible place you would get multiple calls to the law for poaching and then take their time away from more important things.
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#969959 - 12/18/16 10:27 AM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
Salmo g. Online   content
River Nutrients

Registered: 03/08/99
Posts: 12290
Call WDFW LE before doing it. Tell them where and when you want to practice. They really hate responding to calls unnecessarily. Then you would be as legal as the various fly casting lessons and Spey Claves that are and have been held on several rivers. As to hookless flies, that is what the casters at Occupy Skagit used during the demonstrations. I had my collection of hookless flies inspected by a LE agent before "fishing." It was a fun day a couple years ago when I had about a half dozen hits from bull trout that were chasing down pink salmon fry at Rockport. A couple of the fish held on to the fly for a couple seconds before letting the fraud be pulled away.

#970741 - 01/01/17 07:07 PM Re: Swinging Flys w/ No Hook? [Re: RUNnGUN]
DrifterWA Offline
River Nutrients

Registered: 04/25/00
Posts: 4408
Loc: East of Aberdeen, West of Mont...
I don't like phone calls.......send an email, get an answer by email. If push comes to shove........written word MUCH better than verbal word..
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