On this episde of Ask The JackHammer:

Dear JackHammer,

It's been a week since I had a bad break up. She had kids and didnít want anymore. Sucks. We got along so well, so rip me apart or give me advice please.





Hate to say it, but Todd has some great advice. If you have something you want, extract promises on the second date. No promises, no third date. Never say "yes" to a "never" woman.

As for kids, making a kid is too easy and way over rated, IMO. The hard part about any kid is parenting them to a level where they can succeed in life without having you screwed them up in the process of them getting there. You don't need to make your own kids to be the best parent in the world and unfortunately, too many kids these days will never get the parent(s) or parenting they really need or deserve.

If making a child is not an option, I would recommend adoption or fostering a baby in the future.

Age is also something to consider. Since you have not had kids of your own, I'll just say that it's a lot of damn hard work and I wouldn't want to take on that job and responsibility past a certain age. Conversely, no one wants their 50 year old Father out coaching Little League t-ball.

As hard as it is for The JackHammer to say this, I'd pass on the local woman/talent, man hands or not. Sounds like a recipe to either get heavily mocked in your community, or probably get some STD.

Take a break for a bit, but when you're ready, don't be afraid to go online. Yeah, there's a fair chunk of really broken and psycho crazies out there, but get a good pair of SIMMS and don't be afraid to wade through the mess and make a few casts. You'll find many biters, but a good one out there will eventually nibble on the line.

Lastly, as a general JackHammer Rule of Thumb for ALL of you reading out there: