The Lucky Prince

Once upon a time a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, ď Will you marry me ? ď.

The Princess said no, and the handsome Prince lived happily ever after.

And the Prince rode motorcycles

And fvcked skinny big titted broads

And hunted and fished whenever the fvck he wanted

And went to naked bars and dated women half his age

And drank whiskey and malt liquor and Captain Morgan

And snorted cocaine off of strippers asses

And ate lots of pussy and ass fvcked cheerleaders

And never had to listen to any bitching at home

And never paid any child support or alimony

And kept his house and his guns

And never got cheated on while he was at work

And all his friends and family thought he was cool as hell

And he has tons of money in the bank

And he leaves the toilet seat up

The End
Just lettin' it roll, lettin' the high times carry the low
Love livin' my life, easy come easy go