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Pull up a chair and listen to a story DwatÖ.I married a woman with two kids. I was a good stepfather and we decided to have a child together, so we did. Nine months after he was born, she did a 180 and became a dictator....no more fishing, no more golf, no more anything....if I argued, she would threaten to leave to another state with him. So, I did nothing for five years. Finally couldn't take it anymore, so I divorced her.

She got my house, my boat, my car, $20K up front, $800/mo maintenance and $1,000 a month child support....and it was a shared custody settlement.

Just be thankful you didn't have a child with her....you never know what could have happened....especially if she wasn't all in on the idea.


Thanks for this. Puts my crap into perspective. And thanks to everyoneís advice you guys really are good people.

Every 18 year old Man in America should read Snakes post....the world would be a better place.
We may know the time Ben Carson lied, but does anyone know the time Hillary Clinton told the truth?

Immersing oneself in progressive lieberalism is no different than bathing in the sewage of Hell.