We had some ups and downs for sure. Mid-day Saturday I got on a couple bulls in the timber. I tracked them for about an hour after jumping them out of their beds. Everything was perfect: wind was blowing consistently downhill and it was raining enough to cover most noise. I managed to sneak to about 30 yards, lined up the sights on smallish 5 point, and ............ click. I can say definitively that bull elk do not like the sound of a hammer hitting a cap. Cap didn't go off and the bull bolted. No more elk encountered on Saturday.

Sunday morning I ended up getting small four point. Not much story to it. Parked in the dark, waited a couple hours for light to walk into the clearcut, and came around a corner and there he was. I shot as he spun to run over the ridge and double lunged him. Meat in the freezer!

We came home to get the bull hung and get back in the office for a day or two. My dad still has a tag and I'm trying to convince him to head back out. Hopefully more to come!

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