One stand is in an open area / older alder patch with mixed undergrowth of all types (tons of feed). It's placed at the intersection of 3 main trails and several side trails up on a hump point between two shallow gullies. It's deer central.

The other stand is at the edge of a older growth cedar swamp that was once logged a long time ago. It's reprod is pretty massive today. That stand is up in a cedar thats pretty damn big and it overlooks the swamp bottom. The swamp bottom itself is a long big gullie that has smaller side gullies & trails feeding into it. We access the stand through one of those side trails.

Even though they are in very different habit, both stands see tons of deer and both produced this year.

Salmo - I almost guarantee that there is a big daddy out and about. There are always bigger BT's as we have painfully learned. They just never show themselves and a camera is the only way to get a good look. We have at least 12 bucks of varying degrees of age and size. 3 showed themselves during hunting hours. 9 did not and get to live another day. We'd never even know they were there without the cameras. Drives me crazy. As Broodbuster tells us..."sometimes it's really better NOT to know what's out there"....
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