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My after work deer hunt yesterday was interrupted when I discovered a nice 5 point bull and 6 cows in my deer spot! It's private property here in Olympia. My dad still has a multi-tag and I'm hoping the elk will stick around until it reopens Wednesday. If I push them, I may not see them again until 2019 (there's damn few elk in Olympia!).

Hopefully I can find a buck elsewhere. Anyone else get out?

I'm glad I left the elk alone. They stuck around until muzzy opened and my dad managed to harvest our third bull of the season. We all tagged out on elk and struck out on deer. I'll take it!

That's awesome WSU and congrats again. Glad they stuck around for your dad (good call on leaving them alone). Freezers full of Elk are a wonderful thing!

Salmo - I'll have my multi-season next year and will remove a problem animal for you. I couldn't this year as I had modern tags. Pretty sure you don't want the 12 gauge booming from your porch at first light...

I filled my second doe tag with a 21 yard crushing thump to the head. It's rather incredible the amount of punishment a 3" magnum shell doles out. Lights out sweetheart. thumbs
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