Excellent! I should further clarify that I am basing my comments on one area in particular (our area) and the evidence from trail cams. Other user data and results may vary.

We have a camera at each stand and our mature bucks have not once shown themselves during the day during hunting season (excluding the dead ones shot at dawn and dusk). One did show himself, one time, midday during the rut in between general and late season. That was his one annual daytime mistake and it came when hunting was closed. All other pics of that nice buck have been at night. Cameras ARE cheating but dang - they really help cut to the chase so to speak.

I will say that nobody hunts around us, so that lack of pressure play a small factor. Moon phase is another of many, but I'm not 100% sold on some theories around moon phase activity. Such as when the moon is full, they feed all night so are most likely to move at noon. When the moon is new, they are more likely to move at dawn and dusk. I don't know about all that. I can see it I guess, but am not 100% sold as fact.

The pattern has no pattern...

All of the above is why I've fallen in love with BT hunting. It really is like nothing else.
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