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I hope you are right, getting tired of seeing all the big bucks on our cams at 3am!

We did have a brute show up on the same can at 2am, 4am, and then again at noon...he really likes our apples, and we are hoping to arrange a meeting on Saturday morning!

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Gone nocturnal to avoid the Todd and Nick wrecking crew !
They sleep somewhere, though.

If you get another one, show it to Paker so he knows what they look like.

Rocket J. Squirrel just ran across my keyboard and said this...

I think we know abouts where a couple of them sleep on one of our properties, and I spent a sweaty morning last week hiking up the very steep and brushy hillside towards Nick lounging in a tree stand. If they were there I didn't step on one, so they didn't move. Such is life when hunting in the jungle.

The one I did shoot was walking around in the sun nibbling on grass at noon, I walked right up on it and there it was, and down it went.

35 yards with 00 buckshot...two in the brain, one in the muzzle, two in the neck, one of which thru the jugular. As with the two last year it was dead before it hit the ground.

If you can get close enough to hit 'em with a shotgun buckshot to the head is an effective technique to drop 'em where they stand and not put even a tiny hole in the edible parts.

The key is to spot a deer and by "2 Mississipi" be letting the lead fly. Any longer than that and that deer will disappear like a ghost.

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