Broodbuster and I spent a few days in some Roosevelt backcountry scouting it up and trying to formulate an early game plan. Amazing and tough, tough country. It was a very successful scout in my mind and we got some great intel from workers in the area. Lots of questions answered, but now I think my question list is even larger! Lots of Elk and lots of animals of all types. Bear and cats are THICK in up there. Found a mature herd bull hidey hole. Fresh tracks tell me he's EXTREMELY large on the hoof. Logistics are going to be a total nightmare. Gonna have to spend as much of the summer as possible in there to get it figured out. This is going to be a tough hunt all around and I just may be totally crazy and out of my mind.

I will say that Roosevelts are just huge animals. I know my Rockies inside and out and Roosies are way bigger on the hoof. Saw a lead cow that went 650 no problem. That herd bull's tracks were among the largest I've ever seen. Just huge, huge animals.

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