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This IS great advice! Thank you in advance thumbs

Start small. Hone your archery skills on slugs and snails. Move on to frogs and toads. Advance to woodland voles and harmless snakes if the shakes don't appear. Spend some time on Washington hares and tree roosting grouse. By slowly increasing your exposure to larger and larger prey, you can overcome the shakes in a manner similar to the way a sickly child overcomes allergies with shots, and a deep sea diver avoids the bends by ascending in stages. When you've reached deer and elk sized encounters, you should have overcome the shakes; shatting the pants may still be a problem.

If the shakes are still present, consider hanging up the bow and taking up golf. You will be ahead of the curve, as most golfers take years to develop the "yips" while standing over a "money" putt.