No - please bust away. I wouldn't have posted it, if'n I didn't expect some flack.

That being said, it was the first day I've ever had a bow in my hand and I called in a true monster. I'm pretty lucky just for that to happen. If I had taken that beast on my first day, it would have been bad outdoorsman juju & karma. Probably wouldn't catch another fish in my lifetime and it would only be downhill after that.

I'm just happy I got to experience it...because it was very, very cool. I made some mistakes which I've deeply contemplated and will learn from. My calling is on point and I can still speed climb like a mofo when I need to. These are all good things which will pay off in the future. thumbs
“If the military were fighting for our freedom, they would be storming Capitol Hill”. – FleaFlickr02