a first time bow hunter at 44, I've been doing some serious reflection on the season (specifically archery), and I think I have a problem. I'm super competitive and I HATE to lose. I pulled back on 3 Elk, let 1 loose (whiff!) on a book bull and was within a second or less on the other two cows. All of them should have been dead and would have been dead with a seasoned experienced bow hunter. I made some serious mistakes in each encounter. Tactical mistakes that I kick myself for, but which are easily corrected. I'm not worried about those.

My problem is bigger. I get the crazy shakes when I have a bow in my hand and an Elk comes in. Like really, really bad shakes where I can't even operate my hands and lower arms. Can't get an arrow out; nocked or release on. Can't get drawn back correctly and eye through the sight. It's nothing but ugly fumbles on the goal line. This has cost me the milliseconds of optimized time needed in every encounter and when added up would have made up that single second difference. I never gotten the shakes in 30+ years of gun hunting and damn near 100 animals taken. Never. Not once. Even at extremely close range with some huge animals. I'm calm, cool and collected with a gun in my hand, no matter the size of the animal or the situation. Bang. Flop. Every time. I bow hunt in the exact same ways; am not nervous or overly amped when walking, stalking or getting into position. It's only when an Elk comes in do I lose my chit straight down my leg. Only with a bow.

WTF? How do I solve this? Anyone else ever had a similar problem? Do I need to kill something small with my bow first just to get the stink off? I'm at a total loss here and it's going to burn me up all winter.

PS: for the dickheads that want to pull this over to the DS...EAD.

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