My experience, which is limited with a bow, tells me that you just have to go do it. Like I PM'd you, my first shot with a bow at elk was a cow at 20 yards. I got all excited, put my 40 yard pin on her, and missed by feet. Nothing but operator error from being too excited. I killed a cow out of the same herd the next day and was able to keep it together.

I think it is just bow hunting. You have a more primitive weapon, it's harder to use and use well, and even with all the practice in the yard, you probably haven't shot dozens or hundreds of critters with it. You'll learn to anticipate drawing (often well before the animal appears) and all things you have to do before you get ready to actually shoot.

And don't elk hunt unless you embrace the two day pack outs. I've had three of those between this year and last. It's just part of the deal.

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