Sounds like quite the experience Nick, major bummer on the luck though. Total hunch, but I'd guess you'll see some rut activity the first of muzzleloader season (as mentioned before).I finally heard the first bugles at the house last night. 2 different bulls around 7pm, for about 30 minutes. Craziest September weather I've ever seen here in The Valley! Cloudy, cool,'d think it was the end of October. Mission Ridge has had snow twice in the last week. Was good shroomin last Sunday.

Going to assist with a muzzleloader mule deer hunt on Saturday for a couple of wheat farmin' cousins. When 2 wheat farmers go and buy a smoke pole and tags, that means there's a NICE buck they don't want anyone else killin' (they haven't bought tags since '14)! I'll be the gopher, glass man, etc. The boy and I literally hunt across the 2-track from their land, so it'll be a good day for scouting the local deer in NCW. I was up a month ago and saw alot of VELVET there. Should be fun. Sunday the boy and I will go shoot some turkeys at another buddies place.
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