I have some advice.

This is exactly why you should bow hunt. It's the purest chit you will ever have.

I would do everything in your power to recreate your ED like issues and then persevere. For instance, work out until you are huffing for air uncontrollably. Immediately pick up your bow, remove an arrow from the quiver, nock, perform your mental checklist, and make the shot.

Up the pressure by having some real life consequences for a miss and reward for a good shot. Miss...........No alcohol for that night. Hit..........Put $10 in a jar towards your next hunt.

Once this becomes easy add more difficulty. Hold your breath from the time you grab your bow, shoot through tight shot windows, surround a bulls-eye with steel, moving targets, etc.

Really shooting at an animal????? Focus on the exact piece of hair you want to cut. There is zero reason to look at the bone on it's head as it comes in unless you wanna shake like Hank in a baloney factory. By ignoring the animal's assets you have already taken control.

IMHO you need to apply stress to your practice and then defeat it time and time again. Once you learn how your mental and muscle memory will do the rest.

Like golf.................Bow hunting is a mental game.
The jar of cash will come in handy in September.