Like I said...the last elk I shot took three people two days to move the pieces one mile. I do not recommend shooting an elk in the bottom of a canyon in the hills above Pe Ell wink

That was the day it stopped being fun and I haven't bought an elk tag since.

I think that once you kill something with that bow you will be fine.

Find a way to practice that simulates game time.

For rifle hunting, going to the range and shooting a target way the fukk out there is pretty close to rifle hunting.

For jump shooting deer with a shotgun on an island, you'd be better off going grouse hunting in heavy cover a lot...the range won't help you with anything.

I have no idea what "game time practice" looks like with a bow, but I bet standing in the yard and shooting at a target is not it...maybe an experience archer will have some ideas for you.

Fish on...