Well...Broodbuster and I are back from our world-wind tour of WA Elk hunting. Spent the first week of the season on the wet side until we had to vacate the backcountry due to weather and rapidly rising creeks. Then another week over on the dry side - which wasn't dry at all. The wet side was the hardest hunt I've ever been on and was just brutal across the board.

I had my shot on a GIGANTIC 7x7 bull at 20 yards broadside and I completely whiffed (it was an easy layup and I just air-balled it). Book bull for certain. Largest animal I've ever hunted and I totally chit down my leg. Anyone else with any decent bow experience is on the cover of a magazine. The encounter was surreal and it definitely changed me forever.

Onto muzzy season - where I hope my aim is a little better!
“If the military were fighting for our freedom, they would be storming Capitol Hill”. – FleaFlickr02