Well, the last hurray of 2019 starts at 0'dark thirty tomorrow morning. Hope to finish off the year in a great way. 3 days to fill an archery cow tag. Ike and team were gracious enough to let me tag along on an adventure into their usual haunt. I'm shooting pretty good and gear is all packed. It's gonna be a cold one in the snow, but once I cut some fresh tracks, I expect I'll warm up nicely.

On this Thanksgiving day, I'm thankful to have amazing friends & great hunting partners, who honestly put up with way more of my bullchit than I do of theirs. I'm thankful I still have the legs, stamina and attitude to hit a mountain hard. I'm thankful I live in a time and place in history where I am free to do what I love. Any meat on the ground is a cherry on top.
“If the military were fighting for our freedom, they would be storming Capitol Hill”. – FleaFlickr02