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Anyone kill anything (besides ColeyG - he ALWAYS kills something cool)?




Warning, very few animals were harmed in the making of this post.

Sorry Parker, I was a little slow on taking the bait. Haven't been poking my head in here too often lately. Don't worry Stam, I still love you. Sorry to be a stranger, though I hear you like the stranger from time to time?!?

2018 was a rough one for me with regard to putting groceries in the freezer. I spent a lot of time in the field, more than that last year or two for sure, but I wound up with a lot less meat to show for it. Made some exceptionally memorable memories in some amazing places with top shelf people, which is the important part I guess. It would have been nice to have a little more to take home for the effort though. C'est la vie.

Here is a quick recap.

I went on my first mountain goat hunt at the tail end of "last" season or beginning of "this season." Goats are tough to kill, tough to eat, but badass animals that live in cool places. I like mountain hunting.

My first fall hunt was for caribou. I planned a long weekend to hunt the opener and then planned on hunting each of the next two weekends. I passed up a decent bull at 7am on the opening morning that was standing within yards of where I killed my B&C bull a few years back. Big mistake. Weather blew us out of the high country and for the next three days we stared at an endless parade of cows and calves with not a bull to be found. ADFG shut the season down a few days after the opener as the recently and greatly reduced quota had been met. So I wound up hunting basically two days of what was supposed to be a 30 day opportunity. Major disappointment and failed plan.

Checked out some new country for my sheep trip this year. Flew into the Talkeetna mountains and battled some burly weather for ten days. We hiked our dicks into the dirt and saw a bunch of animals. Passed on a ram that was probably legal on our first day of hunting. He was just too close for comfort and so I let him walk from 30 yards. The weather gods were against us as the clouds and rain seemed to show up just when we needed vis the most.

In September I dropped in my uncle and his family in Montana and chased elk with a bow and arrows. It was the most fun I've ever had on a hunt. I didn't fling any pointy things at elk but we got one for the team. I am hooked for life on hunting elk in the rut. On one magical day we were surrounded by fifteen different bulls and a pile of cows all going nuts. Awesome.

I am still not a cop.

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"I don't care how you catch them, as long as you treat them well and with respect." Lani Waller in "A Steelheader's Way."