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Never hunted in grizzly country before.
Definitely adds to the hunt

No kidding...not sure I want or need that type of excitement while elk hunting.

A Wyoming guide was killed by a Grizzly just last Fri while packing out an elk. Client was mauled but survived and called for help. The guide was married with 5 kids...


Unfortunately this is part of the game, a really dangerous and schitty part.

The story said that they had a big ol' handgun with them when they went in the woods after the elk the next morning, but that it was stowed in a pack and the pack was "over there" on the ground when the bear strolled up on them and the dead elk...this seems like the wrong place to be stowing the gun.

Hindsight is 20/20, but if I were going into the bushes after a wounded/dead elk that had been out all night, I'd have that gun locked and loaded and in my hand the entire time, the chances of a bear being on or near that elk carcass is too high to do otherwise.

Fish on...