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Very cool! Definitely animal of a lifetime - Congrats Coley. When my family used to live up there, my pops had an opp to take one while sheep hunting, but he passed on the shot. He said he always regretted it and didn't regret it at the same time.

I assume you kept the pelt right? Any plans for mount or tanned hide on the wall?

My buddy shot it. I don't kill stuff I am not going to eat unless it is trying to kill me.

Kind of an interesting story on the wolverine. The day after I shot my goat we headed back up into the same area to find another one for my buddy. When we got above treeline we stopped to glass for a bit and I picked out a wolverine cruising across an open face about 1000 yards away. We watched it for a while and kept hiking in search of goats. When we came around little rock wall to the spot where we cut up my goat the day before, a different wolverine was munching on the gut pile. My buddy wanted to take it home so he did. I spoke with another group of hunters after the trip that watched another wolverine chewing up the bones from the goat my buddy took later in the trip a few miles from the first. Seems like a robust wolverine population in this little area.

The hide is absolutely incredible. We had it tanned with the goat hides, which are true trophies as well. FYI. Wolverines smell terrible.
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