Was out all day yesterday 7am till dark, saw 3 does but that was it.

I hunted some small units, Christmas trees and reap rod all within 2 miles of my house, saw little sign. Did some rattling and calling, had one doe come in to a fawn in distress. No sign of the rut starting over here yet.

We need some bad weather to get the deer moving around during daylight.

I had not seen any bucks around all summer, so I figured they were all nocturnal but after going out yesterday into my usual spots that I know are big buck bedding areas I found little sign, only one fresh rub, so that has got me scratching my head since these areas always have good bucks occasionally eager to come into a rattle session and some grunts. Did not hear so much as a twig break on one coming into check the situation out, which is odd, I have found that if you can get within 100 yards of a bedding location more times than not they will come into a rattle, most times you wont see them but you generally always hear them when they get close trying to wind you or spy you.

I blew a chance once on a masher 4 point, 150 class, He came in hard in some Christmas trees, head down and grunting he got 5 yards from me standing broadside only problem there was a Christmas tree between me and him the whole time. He stood there confused for a few seconds so I figured I had to try and shoot him, All I had on me was a scoped riffle so I poked it through the tree pointed it at his shoulder and pulled the trigger, I figure the shot deflected off a branch as he just stood there for a second before swiftly zig zagging away. Now when I rattle in the brush I carry my short barreled 870 loaded with buckshot and a 10mm Glock (220 grain hard cast double taps) so I can shoot right through the brush. Buckshot kills them pretty good within 20 yards and Id shoot out to 50 with the pistol if I have time for a good shot.

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